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Who Is The Ultimate Style Game Changer?

First Posted: 09/28/2011 8:36 am   Updated: 11/27/2011 4:12 am

HuffPost's Game Changers series celebrates 100 innovators, visionaries, and leaders in 12 categories who, whether working in the spotlight or under the radar, are changing how we look at the world and the way we live in it. We salute them for their willingness to take risks and question the status quo.

Below, check out the nominees for HuffPost's 2011 Game Changers in Style.

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Andrej Pejic
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Changed the game by: Bringing gender-fluidity to fashion.

The svelte, androgynous model Andrej Pejic rose to fashion fame this year, landing on major runways and magazine covers and causing double-takes every time. He was photographed by Steven Meisel, became the face of Marc by Marc Jacob's Spring/Summer 2011 campaign and showed up shirtless on the cover of New York. His second shirtless appearance on the Dossier Journal caused controversy when distributors for Barnes & Noble requested the issue be polybagged. Born in Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina, to a Serbian mother and Croatian father, Pejic's family fled to Australia during the Balkan conflict. Pejic came to realize he was different at an early age. "As a kid, you get to the stage where you realize the gender barriers that exist in society and what you're supposed to do and not supposed to do," he told the Telegraph. "But now I'm comfortable in my skin, and for my look to be celebrated is great." Jean Paul Gaultier not only booked Pejic for his Spring 2011 men's show, but also cast the model in his Paris couture show, sending Pejic down the runway in a wedding dress. With his gender bending beauty, Pejic marks a significant shift in the fashion industry -- from the outsized male/female dichotomy that has ruled imagemaking over the past decade (think: Kim Kardashian on the cover of W, the men in "300") to a more fluid and experimental sensuality.

He said it: "Fashion is quite inclusive and good at embracing different things and different forms of beauty. It's a very liberal industry. You can be yourself. Just not overweight."

Must-click: Pejic's agency page

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