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Herman Cain Reacts To Sarah Palin's Suggestion: 'That's Not True' (VIDEO)

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During an appearance on CBS' "Early Show" on Wednesday Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain pushed back against a suggestion made by Sarah Palin that the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza is "the flavor of the week."

The former Alaska governor weighed in on Cain's candidacy and recent surprise win the in the Florida straw poll on Tuesday night.

Asked how he would respond to Palin's remarks, Cain said, "Well I would say that that's not true, first of all." He continued, "The difference between me winning that straw poll and what we're going to do to leverage that, it's a couple of things. Primarily, I have a message that's resonating with the American people, the voters."

Cain went onto explain, "Rather than being the flavor of the week, people are saying, ah, there is more to that flavor than meets the eye." He said, "As you look at my campaign, it continues to build and build and build. It doesn't go down. Cain supporters do not defect."

Cain's campaign has gained momentum since his victory Saturday in Florida's straw poll.

Cain said voters are "thinking for themselves" even though rivals Rick Perry and Mitt Romney have gotten most of the attention. He said that "in Florida, voters decided the winner, not the media."

Below, a clip of what Palin had to say on Fox News on Tuesday night.


CORRECTION: An earlier version of the body copy of this story misquoted Herman Cain's response to Sarah Palin as saying, "Well I would say that's true," when his statement was to the contrary.

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