09/29/2011 10:43 am ET | Updated Nov 29, 2011

Chris Christie 2012: Anonymous Sources Keeping Candidacy Chit-Chat Constant

Even after two days in which New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) stressed that he would not be running for president, the Christie-candidacy-to-be story is a zombie that refuses to die. Today, the New York Post is running an "exclusive" story titled "Christie seriously considering presidential bid after GOP prodding." Which sounds kind of kinky! But what's keeping this story aloft? Basically, a bunch of anonymous "sources familiar with Christie’s thinking."

What these sources say is that the show of support Christie received at his appearance this week at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, Calif., prompted "renewed consideration." We are assured this was "more than just flattering" that brought this about. Rather, "Christie pals" tell the Post that the Simi Valley experience was "mind-blowing" to Christie, apparently in a manner distinct from the entire past year of Republican luminaries telling him that he would be the most awesome candidate ever.

None of this was exciting or mind-blowing enough to have been reported by anybody on the day after this historic day in which a Republican spoke at the Reagan Library, I guess! But these anonymous sources insist that "something changed that night": "Behind the scenes, sources said, the discussions about running took on a more serious and 'surreal tenor,' as the encouragement from Reagan, Kissinger, Bush and others began to sink in."

I think that presidential campaigns are best launched from a state of surreality. Definitely. Speaking of: the only person who goes on the record for this piece is Roger Stone, who suggests that it's far too late for Christie to jump into the race. But as Stone's latter-day political career is mainly founded on messing with people's heads, this actually lends credence to the notion that Christie will mount a run.

At any rate, we may as well get used to this story getting refiled every day until the South Carolina ballot deadline.

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