10/02/2011 05:20 pm ET | Updated Nov 30, 2011

Demi Moore: 6 Reasons The Actress Will Be Fine, Whether Ashton Kutcher Cheated Or Not

Demi Moore has been taking a lot of heat lately regarding the speculation that she has split from her husband of seven years, Ashton Kutcher. From tweets alleging that she wouldn’t be in this situation if she’d tried a little harder to make her first marriage work to those saying she shouldn’t be upset about her current husband’s possible infidelity after going through two husbands already to rumors that she is pained, starving herself, etc., etc., it sounds like it’s time for a little perspective. As one Twitter user put it, if the Kutcher affair rumors are true, "She isn't dead. She got cheated on.”

Let’s just take a moment to stop and acknowledge how awesome Demi is, regardless of how her husband may have behaved. Here are 6 reasons she'll be just fine:

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