09/30/2011 03:06 pm ET | Updated Nov 30, 2011

Justin Theroux's Motorcycle Covered With Bologna Outside Jennifer Aniston's NYC Apartment

Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend, Justin Theroux, aren't exactly getting the warmest of welcomes from their neighbors in New York City.

The pair woke up to an unwanted gift on Theroux's BMW motorcycle Thursday morning. It seems someone left some deli meat all over the high-end bike. According the the New York Post, a neighbor spotted slices of “what clearly was bologna” all over the seat, handle bars, muffler and engine of the bike.

The motorcycle, which is often parked outside Aniston's two-floor apartment in the West Village, was cleaned up shortly after the incident was uncovered, but the culprit is still unknown.

What could cause someone to decorate a motorcycle with sliced deli meats?

Perhaps it is the unwanted attention this neighborhood is now getting because of the famous couple. Aniston and Theroux have recently been spotted canoodling all over the neighborhood she purchased her almost $8 million dollar apartment in last spring, and with more and more public appearances from the affectionate lovebirds comes a growing number of paparazzi camped out, waiting to snap images of the duo. The media had a frenzy when the pair reportedly moved into a home together in the Hollywood Hills this summer, and it looks like the same is happening on the east coast.


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