Modeselektor, 'Monkeytown': Thom Yorke Sings On 'Shipwreck'

09/30/2011 09:15 am ET | Updated Nov 30, 2011

For those who haven't had enough of Thom Yorke in the past week (see here, here, here and here) here he is popping up on Modeselektor's latest, Monkeytown. This is no surprise -- first off because we knew it was coming, and secondly because Yorke and the Berlin-based electro band have always appreciated one another's musical stylings (Exhibit A: "The White Flash").

Yorke appears on two Monkeytown tracks -- "Shipwreck" and "This" -- both of which are worth your time, but "Shipwreck" got the slight edge here for being catchier and a better entree to the album. Which, by the way, is not all about Yorke. Modeselektor diversifies on Monkeytown, delving into house, rap, R&B and silky male voices. Other notables include "German Clap" and "Berlin" (German-ness of the titles is purely coincidental).

Monkeytown is out today.


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