10/01/2011 10:08 am ET | Updated Nov 30, 2011

Lutz Eichholz, Unicyclist, Rides On Top Of Beer Bottles (VIDEO)

That's one sweet ride. A unicyclist with almost unshakable balance pedaled his wheel across the mouths of 127 beer bottles in a row.

The specialized skill belongs to Lutz Eichholz, 25, who slowly rolled his unicycle over the empties at an exhibition in Tel Aviv, CBS reports.

After a few false starts in which he fell from his glass tight rope, the German athlete successfully navigated the route.

Eichholz dominates the arcane field of unicycling atop beer bottles. Earlier this year he set a world record for cruising over 26 feet of bottles. His latest spin on Monday took him 29 feet. The World Records Academy already declared it the longest ride ever in the category, while its rival, Guinness World Records, hasn't confirmed yet that the feat deserves a place in the history books, CBS said.