10/02/2011 12:07 pm ET | Updated Dec 02, 2011

Animal Photos Of The Week

This past week was one of the best ever in terms of awesome animal photography.

Jean-Francois Lagrot snapped amazing images of a lioness rescuing her struggling cub, the mother appearing to save her baby's life.

Earlier in the week, a collective "aww" was heard around the world as photos were released of a dozen baby pandas sleeping in a crib.

A rare white humpback whale calf was spotted off the coast of Australia, sparking rumors that it might be related to the beloved Migaloo.

It wasn't all good news for animals this week, as a new report came out listing the locations around the world where sea turtle populations are most threatened. Also in recent news, a controversial dress made out of cow nipples was presented at London Fasion Week and prepared for an appearance at Paris Fashion Week.

Don't miss the cute pandas in the photos below, and you won't be able to miss the fantastic images of unique birds from the aviary El Nido working to help endangered animals.

Animal Photos Of The Week 10/2/11