10/03/2011 12:23 pm ET | Updated Dec 03, 2011

Arne Duncan And Juan Sepulveda Responded To Hispanic Education Questions At Virtual Town Hall

OCTOBER 3, 2011

The Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, engaged with the Latino community through a virtual town hall to kick off a week-long focus on Hispanic education as a part of the Obama Administration’s Hispanic Heritage Month. The town hall was moderated by Juan Sepulveda, the executive director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics.

Secretary Duncan and Mr. Sepulveda responded to questions about the state of Latino education and the Administration’s initiatives to improve access to education for Hispanic students.

Voters had a chance to hear what the Administration's education leadership has to say about the DREAM Act, bilingual education, teacher pay inequality, keeping Latinos in school through college graduation, and much more.

The town hall was webcast live and accompanied by a Live Blog (below).

HuffPost LatinoVoices users were able to participate in the virtual town hall by:

  • Asking questions in advance and during the forum via Twitter and using the hashtag #HispanicED
  • Leaving a comment on this very page

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Gracias! 'Keep Tweeting'

@ HispanicEd : JuanSepulveda: Thank you everyone for participating. We will try to address any remaining questions. Special thanks to LATISM.#HispanicEd

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Looks like the readers are pleased with the VIrtual Town Hall on Hispanic Education:

@ MagRivera : @HispanicEd @ArneDuncan Excellent Town Hall covered alot of good education topics...Thank you! #hispaniced #latism

10/03/2011 3:32 PM EDT

@ AngryLatino : Congratulations #Latism I think We did a great job in bringing to light our concerns across the spectrum. Thank you #HispanicEd #LATISM

10/03/2011 3:32 PM EDT

@ Latism_CFL : Loved their sign-off: "Keep Tweeting!" <<We will ;) #LATISM #HispanicEd

10/03/2011 3:32 PM EDT

@ ergeekgoddess : They just gave a shoutout to #latism!!! WEPA!! #HispanicED

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Twitter Town Hall was brought to you by...

LATISM... incredible partners...

Keep tweeting!

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@ HispanicEd : JuanSepulveda: Yes. The only way we are going to solve these issues is to ensure that everyone takes responsibility.#HispanicEd

10/03/2011 3:29 PM EDT

The Latino community loves all the questions!

@ reynaldomacias : RT @ergeekgoddess: We got so many Qs for this Town Hall! @ArneDuncan & @HispanicEd will answer it on a #LaTISM blog post #HispanicEd

10/03/2011 3:28 PM EDT

@ HispanicEd : JuanSepulveda: Pell grants increased to $5550. President has been incredibly supportive of increase.#HispanicEd

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'Loan companies and doing it ourselves'

We saved 68 billion over the next 7 years. Savings will go to pay for other programs that are all moving forward and will increase the amount of loans available.

Making college affordable is a continuing conversation. We are making sure that all of our working and middle class have access to college.