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TSA Introduces New Technology to Spot Fake Documents

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The TSA will be testing new technology that will increase agents ability to spot fake documents, the agency announced Monday.

The technology, which will be tested at select airports in 2012, is called Credential Authentication Technology - Boarding Pass Scanning Systems (CAT-BPSS). It helps catch altered and fraudulent passenger identification credentials and boarding passes.

“This technology will automatically verify passenger identification documents and boarding passes to further enhance security,” said TSA Administrator John S. Pistole in a press release. “This technology will help facilitate risk-based security, while making the process more effective and efficient."

$3.2 million will go towards the project, which includes the purchase of 30 systems from three vendors. CAT-BPSS is projected to replace current document verification methods.

In July, the TSA announced that it would deploy nationwide software modifications to millimeter wave Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) machines. These modifications, testing of which began in February, addressed the concern about "naked" images of passengers being generated in airport security.

The TSA also announced this summer plans to pilot a "known traveler" program to speed up the screening process, and the child screening process was revised.

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