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Gary Johnson: 'Pot Smokers May Be The Largest Untapped Voting Bloc'

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Former New Mexico Governor and GOP presidential candidate Gary Johnson told Outside Magazine that legalizing marijuana was a popular political stance.

"Pot smokers may be the largest untapped voting bloc in the country," he said. "A hundred million Americans have smoked marijuana. You think they want to be considered criminals?"

Johnson is one of two better-known libertarian-leaning candidates in the GOP primary race, along with Texas Rep. Ron Paul. However, the former governor has found himself excluded from several debates and registers at only about one percent in national polls.

Johnson has told several publications that he smoked marijuana. He told The Weekly Standard that he smoked from 2005 to 2008 to alleviate pain after a paragliding accident in Hawaii. He signaled to The 420 Times that he only smoked marijuana after pain pills didn't work, and that marijuana helped "tremendously." Previously, he joked with The New Republic about his younger days, saying, "I never exhaled."

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