Ice T & Coco Talk End Of The World With Onion News Network's Brooke Alvarez (VIDEO)

10/04/2011 04:17 pm 16:17:47 | Updated Dec 04, 2011

The Onion News Network, Ice T & Coco, and the end of the world... together at last.

An earth-killing asteroid is barreling down us and will make contact at exactly 10:30 pm Tuesday; and The Onion News Network is the only organization with the dedication to cover it live.

That, of course, is merely the premise of ONN's season two premiere. We're not all actually about to die. But if we were, we would certainly want to know what reality television stars had to say about it, right?

To celebrate the new season -- and the end of days -- IFC staged a special live show Monday night in New York City featuring guests from Mob Wives, Bad Girls Club, and Ice Loves Coco. Ice T and Coco were particularly funny as they discussed their survival plans, and, more importantly, their idea for how to save life on earth by using the power of Coco's "ass gravity." As Ice T explained, "Obama didn't think of that!" No, sir. No, he did not.

Check out a clip of Ice & Coco's interview with Brooke Alvarez below, and don't forget to tune into IFC tonight at 10:00 pm EST for the season two premiere.


Finally, here's a photo of the HuffPost Comedy team with ONN's powerful front woman, Brooke Alvarez.

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