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New iPod Touch, iPod Nano Announced: Apple Unveils New MP3 Players At 'Let's Talk iPhone' Event

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On Tuesday, Apple announced several changes to their iPod lineup, including a cheaper, more user friendly Nano and the long awaited white iPod Touch.

The new Nanos, which are available today, saw a small price drop, going from $149 to $129 for the 8GB version. Apple has also pumped up the Nano's screen icons, which should make it easier to see what you're doing. Also improved is the fitness experience, allowing exercise buffs to use the Nano for tracking time, distance and calories burned during their run without having to attach any kind of sensor to their shoe or body.

In a nod to DIY Nano-watch makers, Apple has also released 16 new clock faces for some serious watch customization reports GDGT.

As with the Nano, the Touch also sees a nice little price drop. Both the original black and new white versions have dropped to $199 for the 8GB size. When it's made available on October 12th, the Touch will run on the new iOS 5, giving users access to the iMessage text and notification system, as well as the ability to listen to music through the iCloud.

Contrary to rumors that were swirling last week the iPod Shuffle has not been killed, and will continue to be available for $49.

As Engadget reported today in their live coverage of Apple's announcements, the iPod Touch is the most popular music and game player in the world. Tuesday's changes shouldn't hurt that record.

In addition to the new iPods, Apple also announced the iPhone 4S, a slight upgrade to the current iPhone 4. Also making their debut were a greeting cards app, a new location-based social app and more.

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