Nikki Haley Report Card Prompts South Carolina Democrats To Give Out Their Own Grades

10/04/2011 03:27 pm ET | Updated Dec 04, 2011

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) has delivered on her promise of lawmaker "report cards," handing out grades to her state legislators on Monday.

Back in March, Haley unveiled her report card system -- a plan to grade elected officials serving in South Carolina's General Assembly. Ratings were delivered on an A-to-F scale, and Easley Patch notes that the marks were determined via officials' voting record on bills during Haley's tenure.

Some Republicans and Democrats were initially bothered by the idea, with GOP state Rep. Chip Limehouse telling Reuters last March: "Who are they issuing the report card to, my wife or my mom or what?".

When the 2011 results rolled in, Republicans were at the top of Haley's class, while Democrats had more critical material on their hands. The State breaks down the highlights of Haley's report, which included 23 F's for Democratic members. No failing grades were issued to Republicans.

The Rock Hill, S.C. Herald Online reports that, an hour before Haley issued her grades, a pair of state Democratic officials handed out a set of their own, grading the governor herself. Among the categories were "honesty" and "transparency" -- both of which netted F's for the governor. Haley did score an A-plus rating in one area, however: "hypocrisy and pay-to-play politics."

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