10/04/2011 12:59 pm ET | Updated Dec 04, 2011

The Freshman Experience: Roommates From Hell

Raise your hand if you like your roommate. Okay... now raise your hand if you've ever been tempted to tuck her into a straightjacket. That's what I thought. Approximately 50/50. In fact, I've met more people with roommate problems in the past few weeks than without. Luckily, I've been blessed with a roommate whom I adore. We're polar opposites, but in the best way. She's the little to my big. Our other friend wasn't so lucky.

My college made a miniscule HUGE mistake when plotting out the housing plan for the year and ended up having to temporarily triple up some double rooms. Our unlucky suite-mates experienced snafu quick-fix firsthand. The original two girls in the room were anything but thrilled from right off the bat, and at first I sympathized with them. After all, that's not what they bargained for! But after meeting the third girl, my roomie and I immediately bonded with her. And by the time they found her some new housing, we had become good friends. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for her roommates, and after a bitter battle involving Residence Life, some yelling, the police, writing witness statements, and a groundless order for no contact between the two parties, she was relocated to a room across the building.

Two other girls who share a suite together recently told me that they finally broke down and had a meeting with the rest of their roommates, particularly to confront one of them about her strange and disruptive habits. In their dorm, there are five girls to a single bathroom, and apparently the doors are capable of being locked. Twice every day, one of the girls locks all entrances to the shared bathroom and showers/does other miscellaneous things for close to two hours. Additionally, she has yet to unpack her large trunks of clothing, and slams them around at the crack of dawn as she tries to find whatever article of clothing she is looking for. The room meeting led to a one-on-one chat, which led to tears and a runaway roomie. Luckily, she turned up an hour later (with still-bloodshot eyes); but the problem still hadn't been solved.

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