10/04/2011 04:36 pm ET | Updated Dec 04, 2011

Shocking Vintage Advertisements: Ads Targeting Parents That Would Never Appear Today

Sometimes there is just too much scary news for parents -– there’s arsenic in apple juice, SpongeBob will rot your child’s brain and play areas are infested with germs. Here at HuffPost Parents, we're wondering what it was like to live in an era of non-worry. A time when June Cleaver and Carol Brady solved any dilemma in 26 minutes.

So, we turned the clock back and opened up an issue of Parents magazine from 1952 for clarity. And, what caught our eye were the ads. For one, a campaign for laxatives that makes them look like candy. Then, we looked a little further and found that marketing history was rich with crazy -- and it was the boost of confidence we needed. If you feel guilty for giving your kids too much sugar, or for letting them watch TV for too long… relax. At least you’re not feeding 7UP to a newborn..

Take a look at these eyebrow-raising ads that would never make it into magazines today, and (ahhh) breathe a sigh of relief.

Vintage Kid Product Ads That Would Never Appear Today