10/05/2011 03:41 pm ET | Updated Dec 05, 2011

'American Horror Story' Star Evan Peters Talks New Thriller, Working With Ryan Murphy

Evan Peters says he didn’t become an actor to satisfy his artistic ambitions. He says he wanted to meet the Olsen twins and figured becoming a fellow thespian would give him a good chance to score a chat. But while on his quest to track down Mary-Kate and Ashley, the 24-year-old has managed to put together quite an interesting resume.

Peters has had small roles on network shows like "The Mentalist" and "The Office," and now he appears in the highly-anticipated FX thriller, "American Horror Story," which premieres on October 5.

Tell me about "American Horror Story."
It's a fantastic show, what can I say. I’ve been fortunate. I’ve been on a lot of shows, but nothing like this. It’s a very creative environment to work in.

You can say what it’s about!

It’s about a family. Dylan McDermott is the dad, who’s a doctor, and they move into a house and start to experience strange activities.

Paranormal activities?

You could say that, maybe. I don’t want to say more. They beat me if I say things.

Who do you play?

I play a patient who goes to see Dr. Harmon [played by McDermott]. I have a lot of issues. Lots of visions of blood and carnage. The regular stuff.

Ryan Murphy, the man behind hits like "Nip/Tuck" and "Glee," also created "American Horror Story." That must have been exciting. He’s the hottest producer around.

That’s what I hear. He’s pretty cool. He’s like a visionary. He gets visions and ideas and impulses and sort of goes on them. He tells you what he’s seeing and you sort of have to relay that.

Did you have to take a Broadway IQ test when you auditioned?

(Laughs) No. I’ll be singing on the set and they’ll be like, "Listen, this isn’t 'Glee.' " Actually, in my spare time, I’ve been playing a lot of piano. I’m trying to learn classical piano, Mozart and Beethoven and stuff. I took lessons when I was younger and now I sort of sight read the music and play it by ear. It’s fun. It takes up a lot of time. I practice a couple of hours a day, but I find it soothing.


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