10/05/2011 03:34 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

Lifetime Lady Gaga Movie Coming To Television

Lifetime has a way with drama. From recent movies like "Girl Fight," about a group of teenage girls who beat the crap out of each other, to the classic "Mother May I Sleep With Danger," starring Tori Spelling, the network knows a thing or two about serving up can't miss guilty pleasure television.

So, who better than Lady Gaga, the queen of rumors and intrigue, to get her own movie of the week?

Deadline reports that "Fame Monster: The Lady Gaga Story," based on Maureen Callahan's 2010 biopic of the singer, "Poker Face: The Rise And Rise Of Lady Gaga," is currently being written by Norman Snider for the network. Illene Kahn Power will produce.

The network also recently put out a casting call reports 1061Evansville.com:

"We are seeking an actress who can physically resemble Lady GAGA (see photo) and who can believably span ages 16 to 22. Singing is preferred but not required."

There is no word on when the movie will air.

Lady Gaga is not involved in the project -- and how could she be? She's already busy taking on bullying, preparing for her upcoming tour, and giving interviews to The Huffington Post.