Tareq Salahi: Michaele Stole Bathrobes From Hotels

10/05/2011 08:18 am ET | Updated Dec 05, 2011

Tareq Salahi, he of White House Party Crashers fame , is filing for divorce from his wife, Michaele, after she apparently left him for Journey guitarist Neal Schon and being sure to drag her name through the mud in the process.

Salahi headed over to TMZ -- as one who has been publicly humiliated does -- and announced that he is selling off items from their marriage, including his wedding ring, priceless art and...the hotel bathrobes Michaele apparently collected.

Salahi is selling the items this weekend on a website called 9021go.com to "bring closure." That's all fine and good but what's with the bathrobes? Salahi says that whenever they arrived at hotels, Michaele would call the front desk to get a fresh bathrobe, saying there was one missing, that way "when we checked out we would not be charged for taking it."

As a result, Salahi is tossing in roughly 50 bathrobes that Michaele has stolen over the years.

Which got us thinking. What is the weirdest thing people have taken from hotels? Surely bathrobes aren't that odd and most everyone would cop to taking the shampoos, but what else?

Well, World Cup staffers in South Africa took some souvenirs from guests rooms and a Rembrandt sketch was even stolen from a Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey, California.

So what's the oddest thing you've ever taken from a hotel room? Come on, fess up and leave it in comments. Points for the strangest story: To the winner went the spoils.