10/07/2011 09:00 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Derek Blasberg Offers More Etiquette Advice In ‘Very Classy': In Print


In the foreword to “Very Classy,” an expanded edition of 2010’s “Classy,” fashion writer and the Olsen twins' best friend Derek Blasberg reveals that he was “extremely trepidatious and hesitant” about penning a tome on etiquette and ladylike behavior. “In a culture where it seems tramps and reality stars can rule the world,” he writes, “why would anyone buy a book on manners and class?" But the first book’s New York Times bestseller status -- and an outpouring of reader responses that he compares to Justin Bieber idolatry -- prompted the man-about-town to release a follow-up, which features more than 70 pages of fresh material.

In fact, two new chapters were triggered by questions and e-mails he received from “Classy" fans. "A Lady Decorates” highlights tastemakers known to understand the importance of stylish living spaces (such as Tamara Mellon and Rachel Zoe), advises on the joys of gardening and demystifies the art of adorning one’s walls. “A Lady Stays Healthy” stresses the significance of sleep, assures that sweating can be sexy and offers tips such as “A Lady knows that the gym is a place to work out and work hard. Not cruise for boys.” In another bonus feature, Blasberg answers readers’ queries on personal style, courtship, social engagements, travel and myriad other topics with his trademark tongue-in-cheek wit.

We imagine “Very Classy,” which hits shelves October 13, will inspire similar devotion. As Blasberg notes, “Although we live in a day and age when rich housewives and overly tanned club rats can reach immediate reality show superstardom, a book promoting sophisticated style and respectable behavior can be successful in this social climate. (And what a relief!).”