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Detroit, Chicago Zoos Wager On Monday's Lions-Bears Matchup (VIDEO)

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With the as-yet-undefeated Detroit Lions set to face the Chicago Bears in a much-anticipated matchup Monday, Oct. 10, leadership of the Detroit Zoo and Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago are getting in on the friendly rivalry.

On Wednesday, the zoos announced via a joint press release that they will be wagering on the game. Should the Lions win Monday's game, the Lincoln Park Zoo will send the Detroit Zoo additional enrichment materials for their lions. Should the Bears win, the Detroit Zoo's executive director Ron Kagan promises to send "a nice treat for [the Chicago zoo's] bears."

The announcement coincided with a special event at the Detroit Zoo Wednesday as a meat-filled piñata painted to resemble a Chicago Bears football player was placed inside the African lion exhibit, as the Detroit Free Press reports.

(Watch the Detroit lion take on the "Chicago Bear" below.)

While the onlookers probably expected the lions to devour the rival piñata, the lioness who approached the foreign object alone appeared somewhat startled when it fell backward. Two lions reportedly wrestled with the piñata, but the scene was far more subdued than the carnage anticipated. Shelby-Utica Patch was also on hand to capture the scene.

Still, another question persists: how would a real-life showdown between a lion and bear in the wild likely go down? According to Kagan in a statement, "the lion would have the advantage of speed and could easily outpace the bear," while the Lincoln Park Zoo's president Kevin Bell argues that "the bear would have the advantage of size and strength which it could use to overpower the lion."

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