George Clooney Talks Berlusconi, Takes Mom To 'Ides Of March' Premiere (PHOTOS)

10/06/2011 09:04 am ET | Updated Dec 06, 2011

Despite all you may have heard about George Clooney's dating life, know this: he's more mama's boy than bunga bunga.

The star had a big day in Manhattan on Wednesday, sitting down for a 10 question interview press event with Time Magazine and premiering his new film, "The Ides of March." During the interview, Clooney addressed his unexpected summoning by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's defense team to testify about the politician's alleged purchasing of sex from a 17-year old Moroccan girl.

Clooney reiterated that he had only gone to see Berlusconi to discuss aid to Darfur, as he said when he was initially called last March, but added a few new details to the mix.

"I spoke to their people and said, 'I will come and testify if you'd like,' because I wasn't at the party that I was said to have been at. I wasn't at his 'bunga bunga' party," he said. There was an interesting twist, though.

“He showed me the bed that [Russian Prime Minister Vladimir] Putin had given him and asked me to stay for a party,” Clooney revealed. “I was like, I have to go.”

As for the nightcap, Clooney had two dates to the premiere: his parents. Which is only fitting, since his dad helped inspire the story. As for his mother?

“My mom — I don’t want to say it, but she’s really drunk, so try not to talk to her," he joked to Access Hollywood. "She slurs and stuff comes out of her mouth — it’s really bad."


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