Journalist Jeff Emanuel Apologizes for Steve Jobs Death Tweet

10/06/2011 10:51 am ET | Updated Dec 06, 2011

Following the death of Apple creator Steve Jobs, conservative journalist Jeff Emanuel tweeted what many thought of an insensitive comment about the news story that broke about one hour prior to the announcement of Job's death - Sarah Palin's decision that she will not enter the 2012 presidential race. (h/t Fishbowl DC.)

"Poor Sarah Palin - she was about to have a whole night of attention all to herself, and then Steve Jobs had to go and die," he tweeted. After an influx disapproving responses, Emanuel apologized.

"Re my Palin/Jobs tweet: Yall are right. It was classless and shouldn't have been said," he wrote, right before sending multiple tweets honoring Steve Jobs and our world.

Twitter exploded on Wednesday as Jobs' death was announced, and media figures tweeted about the profound impact Jobs had on the world.


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