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Marijuana Wine: The 'Open Secret' Of Wine Country

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Pot brownies are so yesterday -- who cares about accidentally getting co-workers high or police eating confiscated pot brownies? We're into the next big pot-and-food trend: marijuana wine. Matthew Kronsberg on Gourmet Live writes that pot-infused wines are an open secret in wine country. He explains:

Adjusted for volume, “special” wines can range from under a pound of marijuana per 59-gallon barrel to over 4 pounds per barrel. The result is a spectrum ranging from a gentle, almost absinthe-like effect to something verging on oenological anesthetic.

Good wine deserves to be paired with good food, so perhaps a dish using homemade cannabis flour is the perfect match. Want something a little more exotic? Try bhang ki thandai, mad'joun or mie aceh, dishes from India, Morocco and Indonesia that all incorporate weed.

Read "Beyond Pot Brownies" over at Gourmet Live.

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