10/06/2011 12:37 pm ET | Updated Dec 06, 2011

Steve Jobs In Pop Culture: 'The Simpsons,' '30 Rock,' 'South Park' (VIDEO)

Along with his ingenious body of work, Steve Jobs gave us a character to parse. He was an evangelical in a black turtleneck, a temperamental obsessive, a mystic, a capitalist, a prodigal son and a fated hero. His distinctiveness inspired impersonations, some straightforward, as in the 1999 docudrama "Pirates Of Silicon Valley," and others that take aim ("South Park"s 2011 season premiere). But Jobs' flaws were as vital to his public successes as his strengths, and even the sharper parodies of him work because he made us feel we knew him. If he was ours to worship and ours to criticize, first and foremost, he was ours.

In honor of Jobs the character, we've compiled a series of clips that track the public shape he took. Here's pop culture's observation of the man, black turtleneck, dogmatic fervor and all: