10/07/2011 07:07 pm ET | Updated Dec 07, 2011

Bono's ONE Charity Advertisement Banned In U.K.

U.K television has banned U2 frontman Bono's ONE charity famine campaign because it may break political advertising rules, BBC News reports.

The short film, which Bono shared in an exclusive blog post with Huffington Post Impact, calls for governments to fight famine in Africa. Other big name celebrities, including George Clooney, Colin Farrell and Kristin Davis, joined Bono in his plea.

Clearcast, the entity responsible for approving television advertisements, said the organization seems to have a political agenda. Airing such a message breaches the 2003 Communications Act, according to BBC.

"ONE appears to be caught by this rule as they state that part of their raison d'etre [reason for existence] is to pressure political leaders," a Clearcast spokesperson told BBC.

A representative from ONE said that the organization has no political agenda and is simply trying to raise awareness.

This campaign is just one facet of Bono's activism work in Africa. In August, he and Somali singer K'naan spoke with Anderson Cooper about the crisis.

"You can blame droughts on God, but famines are man-made," Bono told CNN. "We know exactly what to do, and this shouldn't be happening."

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