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Stephen Colbert Super PAC Releases Ad In Support Of NBA Owners (VIDEO)

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Stephen Colbert is out with a new advertisement focused on the ongoing NBA lockout. Colbert, who recently won approval from the Federal Election Commission to set up his Colbert Super PAC, used the newly-formed organization to jokingly throw his support behind the NBA owners in the league's labor dispute.

In the ad, entitled "Foul Balls," Colbert paints a grim picture of a country without NBA basketball. An ominous voice-over explains that "the NBA players will stop at nothing to get all the cheese." The narration continues, "With unemployment at an all-time high, the players are demanding more millions."

Eventually, the spot takes on a much more hopeful tone when the voice-over says, "the NBA owners are on your side. They're working hard to save the season, so Americans don't have to watch hockey."

The video ends with a plea to viewers: "Call your local sports radio show and yell….we want our NBA."

Check out the video above (via Comedy Central)

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