Cardinals Vs. Brewers LIVE UPDATES: Rivals Battle In NLCS Game 1

10/09/2011 04:05 pm ET | Updated Dec 09, 2011

One day after the Rangers and Tigers opened up the American League Championship League Series, the Cardinals and Brewers will begin their own battle for the National League pennant. These two NL Central rivals have been at each others' throats for a few years now and there is no need to manufacture any drama here. Just a few weeks ago, Cards skipper Tony La Russa made comments disparaging the Brewers' idiosyncratic NLDS hero Nyjer Morgan. And, just the other day, the Brewers' starter in Sunday's opener Zack Greinke had a few critical words for Redbirds ace Chris Carpenter. While it may not be the most sociable party, the latest edition of the "Suds Series" should provide plenty of drama.

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10/09/2011 7:44 PM EDT

Homefield Advantage

@ DonWalkerJS : #Brewers stay undefeated at home in #postseason, beating Stl. Cards, 9-6. Lead series, 1-0. #Beastmode

10/09/2011 7:43 PM EDT


@ Haudricourt : #Brewers now 17-0 at home with Greinke on mound. Even when he struggles, they find a way to win.

10/09/2011 7:42 PM EDT


Jay smacks on back to Axford that hits him in the gut (or arm as he pulled it to his body) but he recovers to field it and throws to Prince.

10/09/2011 7:41 PM EDT

Two Outs

Jon Jay is up. Pujols on deck. Axford aggressive after Jay as he doesn't want to get into the next few hitters.

10/09/2011 7:39 PM EDT


Furcal just swung himself into a knot for third strike on a slider down near his knee.

10/09/2011 7:39 PM EDT

Furcal Up

With his finely manicured facial hair, he's taking pitches to start. Two moving fastballs. 1-1 count.

10/09/2011 7:38 PM EDT


Axford sits down Punto with a nasty high fastball that bends onto top corner of zone.

10/09/2011 7:37 PM EDT


With tall pitchers like Randy Johnson they would say that it felt like he reached out and handed the ball to the catcher with his long arms and delivery. Axford's mustache pops the mitt.

10/09/2011 7:36 PM EDT

The Ax Man

Opens up Punto with a fastball.

10/09/2011 7:34 PM EDT

END OF 8th

@ BrewerNation : #JohnAxfordSaves
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