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Gilbert Cameron Shoots Himself On Bronx District Attorney Roof

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A security guard for the Bronx District Attorney shot himself to death on Monday.

The New York Post reports that 45-year old Gilbert Cameron was found dead on the rooftop of the District Attorney's building in an apparent suicide.

Cameron's sister, Karlene, spoke to The Post and noted that Cameron's wife had passed away from ovarian cancer about a year ago, but to her knowledge, nothing had been bothering him.

"He was quiet and kept to himself most of the time, apart from when he came here and had something to eat and we would talk and laugh," she said.

The sister also said that the apparent suicide was unrelated to the NYPD ticket-fixing scandal that has torn through the police department. The scandal was apparently the cause for Officer Robert McGee's recent attempt at suicide when he grabbed a hold of the third rail at a Bronx subway station in September.

Cameron has no children.