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10 States That Spend The Most On Car Expenses:

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Fluctuating gas prices, parking and repairs are just some of the expenses car owners can expect to encounter on any given day. But for car owners in some states, driving on the open road can be especially expensive.

The cost of owning and using a car varies widely from state to state, according to business and personal finance site Still, one thing is consistently true across the country: Americans spend a lot of time on the road. U.S. commuters spent a combined 48.1 million hours in the car last year travelling to and from work, according to the Census Bureau's American Community survey. Los Angeles commuters spend an especially large amount of their life in a car: the city has the most traffic delays, according to

As it turns out, the bulk of car-related expenses aren't only related to gas, according to The nationwide average monthly cost of car expenses is $296, compared to $193 just for gas, demonstrates in this infographic. And that number may now be even smaller considering gas prices have declined an average $0.13 since mid-September.

Drivers in states like Connecticut, where commuters often drive to large cities out of state for work, incur significant costs due to tolls and parking, as well damage caused by the heavier urban traffic. On the flip-side, Texas drivers end up spending a lot on their cars because they're more likely to choose a less fuel-efficient vehicle.

Still, residents of cities with good public transportation stand the best chance of spending the least on their cars. Washington D.C. residents top that list due to the strong public transportation system. In fact, D.C. has the third highest percentage of workers who commute using public transit, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Here are the 10 states that spend the most on car-related expenses, according to

10 states spending the most on cars
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