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Celebrities Hide From Paparazzi (PHOTOS)

Celebrities Hiding

First Posted: 10/12/11 05:47 PM ET Updated: 12/12/11 05:12 AM ET

The love-hate relationship shared between paparazzi and celebrities will forever be a catch 22.

The paps need celebrities to continuously make themselves publicly available so they can snap photos and share them with the people who are dying to know what kind of drink Alex Rodriguez gets at Starbucks. Likewise, stars often need the photogs to follow their every move and snap shots of their every day lives, like exiting a gym and waiting on line for airport security. These seemingly silly photos help keep stars in the limelight and the topic of conversation.

While at times both parties may go a little overboard, one can't help but love the breaking point for a celebrity when they just can't take it another second and need to shield their faces from the flash bulbs. From shopping bags to stuffed animals, the stars will do just about anything to hide from photographers when they are looking less than perfect.

Honestly, can you blame them?


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  • Alex Rodriguez is seen paying at the parking meter before entering a gym on in Miami Beach, Florida. When Rodriguez noticed awaiting photographers, he quickly hid behind the meter. (INF)

  • Lindsay Lohan tries to keep a low profile as her new assistant drives her home from Chateau Marmont. (Pacific Coast News)

  • Shia LaBeouf tries to hide his identity by wearing a paper bag mask and plastic bag over his wrist cast as he takes a stroll with a friend in Glendale. Shia forgets to hide his right wrist tattoo. (WENN)

  • Dustin Hoffman was spotted out walking in Brentwood, Calif., and playfully pretending to hide from photographers behind a mailbox. (Splash)

  • Justin Bieber attends the Xbox 360 event at the Fantasy Factory in LA. The suddenly shy tween pop idol tried to hide behind a copy of game Halo Reach as he left the event. (Pacific Coast News)

  • Mary-Kate Olsen finds a novel use for two coffee shop drinks! The former child star hid behind an iced coffee and a hot drink as she headed out in the East Village of New York City. (Pacific Coast News)

  • LeAnn Rimes tries to hide as she arrives at Los Angeles International Airport with husband Eddie Cibrian. (Bauer Griffin)

  • Isla Fisher hides behind her baby Elula's stroller as the mother-daughter duo enjoy a stroll in NYC. (Pacific Coast News)

  • Gwen Stefani hides as she leaves a nail salon with an assistant and her son Kingston. Just like his mom, Kingston also hides but not before reliably informing the photographer "No pictures today Mister!" (Bauer Griffin)

  • Brian Austin Green hides behind his coffee cup upon leaving the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. (Bauer Griffin)

  • Lily Allen hides behind her passport after arriving at the Kings Cross St. Pancras train station from Paris. (Bauer Griffin)

  • Jessica Alba and her man, Cash Warren, sneak a kiss behind a magazine in Santa Monica. (Fame Pictures)

  • Katy Perry is sighted at the Miami International Airport on July 31, 2009 in Miami, Fla. (WireImage)

  • Tough guy Colin Farrell sneaks out of a yoga studio in Los Angeles, where the yoga mat-toting Farrell jumped into his car right after his workout. (Fame Pictures)

  • Kim Kardashian uses her Balenciaga motorcycle bag to shield herself from the paparazzi snapping a photo of her makeup-free face after leaving the Boom Boom & Beyond Salon. (Bauergriffinonline)

  • Lindsay Lohan goes to great lengths to cover herself from cameras at Los Angeles International Airport. (Bauergriffinonline)

  • Nicole Richie's jean jacket helps her hide as she leaves the gym. (Bauergriffinonline)

  • Rumer Willis plays peek-a-boo, hiding under the oversized collar of her coat as she leaves the Westside Theater. (Bauergriffinonline)

  • Lindsay Lohan draws more attention to herself by trying to hide behind an untitled script.

Check out Suri Cruise's reaction to the flashbulb frenzy below!

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