Kerry Humphrey, 23, Arrested For Lying During The Investigation Of Travis Forbes (UPDATE)

10/13/2011 09:10 am ET | Updated Dec 12, 2011

A woman being referred to by the Denver District Attorney's office as Travis Forbes's girlfriend was arrested last week for lying to investigators and attempting to influence a public servant. Forbes is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Denver teen Kenia Monge, plus a 48 year sentence for brutally assaulting a Fort Collins woman.

A 57-page report and investigation video obtained by the Denver Channel found that Forbes was being interrogated for the murder of Kenia Monge when he was arrested in Texas last May. At the time, Forbes was not formally named a suspect and had been arrested for stealing a car in Wheat Ridge.

During the interrogation, Forbes's girlfriend Kerry Humphrey is mentioned, who may have fabricated an alibi for Forbes the night Monge was murdered.

That same night he was being held in Texas, Denver Police obtained a search warrant for his DNA and swabbed the inside of Forbes's mouth. That evening he was interrogated by a Denver detective who flew in close to midnight and interrogated for nearly four hours, but was later released. After being released, Forbes would commit another violent crime.

In September Forbes would plead guilty to attempted first-degree murder in July, when a Fort Collins woman leapt from her burning apartment building to escape him.

From Forbes's court hearing in September, as reported by the Coloradoan:

Forbes assured the packed courtroom Tuesday, "there would have been other victims."

But by escaping her burning residence, Tillman had preserved evidence with Forbes' DNA.

Kerry Humphrey, 23, is out on a personal recognizance bond since her arrest on October 5 although her role in the case isn't yet clear since the arrest affidavit has been sealed, according to the Associated Press. 9News reports that Humphrey has no record of a criminal history and formal charges are expected to be filed.

Attempting to influence a public servant is a class 4 felony.

Forbes, 31, led authorities to a shallow grave in Keenesburg, Colo. last month containing Monge's remains. Monge had been missing since April 1, and Forbes pleaded guilty to first degree murder in September in order to avoid the death penalty. The next day Forbes also pleaded guilty to attempted first degree murder in Fort Collins.

Humphrey is next expected in court October 20, according to KDVR.

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