L.A. City Council Supports Occupy LA: Vote Is In 11-0 (VIDEO)

10/12/2011 07:49 pm ET | Updated Dec 12, 2011

This story comes courtesy of The City Maven.

By Alice M. Walton

The Los Angeles City Council voted 11-0 today to formally support the Occupy LA protesters who have taken over the lawns of City Hall as part of a campaign to draw attention to corporate America’s influence over government.

The one sticking point of the resolution, which was introduced by Councilmen Richard Alarcon and Bill Rosendahl, was its connection to the Responsible Banking Ordinance that has languished in committee for more than a year. Ultimately, the council reached a compromise to hear the banking issue in the Budget and Finance Committee on or before Nov. 21, with the item going to the full council for a discussion — but not a vote — that same week.

Members of Occupy LA addressed the council for more than an hour and a half before the vote. Though speakers were a bit more focused than they were during yesterday’s meeting, their messages still ranged from regulating banks to ending all wars to extending Los Angeles Unified School District’s academic year. None of those issues are overseen by the Los Angeles City Council.

The proposed Responsible Banking Ordinance would require financial institutions that do business with the city of Los Angeles to report annually on their lending activities and community reinvestment goals.

Whereas yesterday’s public comment period included a violinist, today City Hall was treated to a spoken word performance and a song performed by a man with a ukulele.

Absent from the vote were Councilmen Mitch Englander, Paul Krekorian and Ed Reyes.