10/12/2011 02:37 pm ET | Updated Dec 12, 2011

Norma Sisneros And Tina Guerrero, Mother Daughter Pair, Are Accused Of Robbing A Westminster Bank Together (UPDATE)

It’s always heartwarming to see mothers and daughters remaining friends into adulthood and making memories together, but robbing banks together? That’s just what Westminster police are saying a mother daughter pair did earlier this week.

The Denver Post reports that on Tuesday Tina Guerrero, 31, is accused of walking into a TCF Bank on 72nd Avenue and Federal Boulevard claiming she had a bomb inside a duffel bag. Police say she grabbed an undisclosed amount of cash and ran out of the bank into an SUV in waiting, allegedly driven by her mother, 53-year-old, Norma Sisneros.


In an interview with 9News, Sisneros said she didn't know her daughter was robbing the bank. "I was taking my daughter to check for uniforms for a job, and all this time she was robbing a bank and I didn't know." The mother says she dropped her daughter off in the parking lot and stayed in the car playing solitaire.


Unfortunately for Guerrero and Sisneros there was an undercover officer working the area on a different case and spotted Gurrero running out of the bank into the SUV, 7News reports.

The vehicle description was reported and officers spotted the SUV on Broadway near 75th Avenue. Colorado State Patrol officers and Adams County deputies pulled the SUV over and arrested the driver, according to 9News. Later, the passenger was found in a nearby apartment complex laundry room and was arrested.

Police recovered the bank’s money in that laundry room, Fox31 reports. John Paez, a resident of the apartment complex that says he knew Guerrero and her mother said he let Guerrero stay with him and his wife after she got out of the hospital about a week ago. He even overheard Guerrero talking about robbing a bank, but didn’t think she was serious. Paez told Fox31:

She’s been having money problems. She’s got no place to go. She’s got a very bad infection on her legs and stuff because of spider bites. I can’t believe she’d do a bank robbery.

The mother daughter pair were arrested and charged with suspicion of aggravated robbery representing a deadly weapon and are being held at Adams County Jail.