10/13/2011 09:52 am ET | Updated Dec 13, 2011

'Rentaghost' Film Will Star Ben Stiller, Not Russell Brand (VIDEO)

The British kids' show "Rentaghost" had a premise tailormade to delight children. As its title suggests, Rentaghost is a service where you can rent a ghost for your various and pressing haunting needs. This forgotten show from the 70s and 80s was originally set to be revived for film, with Russell Brand in the lead role. But since the failure of "Arthur," Brand has stepped aside, and Ben Stiller is now taking over, Deadline reports.

We can't believe we're saying this, but Brand actually seems like he may have been a better fit here than Stiller. Brand's loopy way of speaking (and acting credits as a stalker magician) would be right at home among the ghosts of "Rentaghost." What endeared the show to so many now-adults was its cast of characters who were tonally tuned in to children's tastes -- the slightest bit of spookiness and a lot of madcap humor. With the writing team behind this revival -- those responsible for the "Night at the Museum" films -- it seems this version isn't looking to retain the cheeky charm of the original series.

Check out part of the first episode of "Rentaghost":