10/13/2011 08:39 am ET Updated Dec 13, 2011

Woman Detained In Bermuda For JetBlue In-Flight Disturbance

An American woman flying from Bermuda to New York was detained Sunday due to her disruptive behavior after takeoff, The Royal Gazette reported.

According to passengers, the unnamed woman was banging on a bathroom door and tampered with the beverage cart during the flight.

The woman's behavior caused the JetBlue flight she was aboard to return to the island of Bermuda. She was then arrested for creating a disturbance and is being held in the British overseas territory under its Mental Health Act, reports the Associated Press.

The Gazette also reported that the woman was tagged earlier in the day as displaying odd behavior.

“She might have been nervous about flying, because I saw her at Meyer Travel in Dockyard early that morning, with her luggage, trying to get a one-way ticket to New York,” an eyewitness told the paper. “She didn’t seem upset, just insistent on getting a ticket and she could not grasp the fact that it was impossible for her to do it.”

It's unknown if she has been charged with anything.

Photo: Andrew Currie/Flickr