11/02/2011 01:19 pm ET | Updated Aug 31, 2012

Beef Stir Fry

In his series Marcus' Kitchen, chef Marcus Samuelsson shares dozens of recipes that prove "American" cuisine is really a delicious melting pot that draws upon flavors from all over the world.

Marcus explains that this stir fry is known as "tibs" in Ethiopia. It's relatively easy to make, since everything is cooked in one pan. It's important to get the pan extremely hot before cooking, since the goal is to cook the ingredients quickly.

Marcus starts by browning cubes of beef tenderloin in peanut oil in a very hot pan, then adds sliced onions and chopped peanuts. (The peanuts are his spin on this traditional dish. He says he likes the crunch they impart.) It's important to work quickly here, because you don't want to overcook the beef, he says. Next, he adds a mild chili powder, smoked paprika, sliced garlic, chopped jalapeños, chopped tomatoes, cardamom, garlic powder, fresh ginger and salt. To get the most flavor from the dish, he deglazes the pan with red wine, then adds a few handfuls of fresh spinach to mellow out the heat a bit.

In Ethiopia, this dish would be eaten with injera bread, but if it's not available in your area, he suggests using sourdough. He places a few slices at the bottom of a bowl, then tops it with the stir fry.

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