10/14/2011 04:04 pm ET | Updated Dec 14, 2011

Full Trailer For 'The Woman In Black' Hits The Web

The new UK trailer for Daniel Radcliffe's first movie since "Harry Potter," "The Woman in Black," has arrived.

As Arthur Kipps, a young London lawyer trying to sell a very creepy house, Radcliffe has definitely grown up (there's even reference to his young son). The villagers do not seem pleased to see Radcliffe, while the house itself is full of creepy little girls, scrawled warnings on the walls and other ghostly apparitions. Radcliffe displays good versions of the 'concerned and distressed face' as well as his 'terrified scream' face.

"Fear is her curse," the trailer says ominously.

Watch the trailer below: <a href='^en-gb&src=FLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='MSN World Exclusive: Woman In Black - UK trailer' >Video: MSN World Exclusive: Woman In Black - UK trailer</a>