Bad Lip Reading Takes On Mitt Romney (VIDEO)

10/15/2011 12:05 pm ET | Updated Dec 15, 2011

Save for a few tone deaf slip-ups such as claiming to be a part of the middle class, Mitt Romney seems to be less prone to making wild, inaccurate claims while on the campaign trail. Which is why the Romney's treatment by Bad Lip Reading, the web series that dubs nonsense over celebrities' mouths, is so much fun to watch.

The beauty of Bad Lip Reading is that the creators diligently ensure that the absurd stuff they make people say matches up exactly to their lips on video. So to an untrained eye, it looks like Romney really is saying "Ding-dong lama wanee, jumpin' with an ice pick." Romney's may be the funniest yet because, let's face it, who would be surprised for Bachmann or Perry to go off the rails like this?

It's like the political version of the legendary St. Sanders' intentionally crappy overdubbed music videos.