10/16/2011 02:28 pm ET | Updated Dec 16, 2011

Animal Photos Of The Week

This week had no shortage of strange, scary, and sad animal stories.

Wildlife officials in Tennessee were surprised to meet a two-headed, two-brained baby snake. In less creepy news, what happens when a blind kitten meets a hair dryer? Find out in the video from this week. Meanwhile, a cat was rescued from a car dashboard in a bizarre incident in Ohio.

In a more dramatic rescue, rangers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) rescued a baby gorilla from traffickers who were selling him for $40,000. The two subspecies of eastern gorilla that live in the DRC are both endangered and at risk from poaching and trafficking.

In scary and bizarre news, researchers in Belgium found that piranhas "make three different sounds depending on their behavior," some of which sounds like barking.

Sadly, on Alaska's north coast, a mysterious disease is weakening and killing ring seals, who are the main prey of polar bears.

A second polar bear cub has died at the Toronto Zoo after the mother rejected and attacked the prematurely-born cubs.

Check out the photos below for our favorite animal images from the week.

Animal Photos Of The Week 10/16/11