Louiesa West, Phillip Perri Face Child Abuse Charges After Leaving Baby In Car To Go To Central City Casino

10/17/2011 02:01 pm ET | Updated Dec 17, 2011

A couple left their 9-month-old baby in their car, still buckled into its car seat, while they went inside a Central City casino on Friday night. The baby was unharmed and was released to the grandmother, The Denver Post reports.

Fox31 reports that the couple, 22-year-old Louiesa West and 25-year-old Phillip Perri, will face child abuse charges, but that it is still unclear how long the baby was left in the car.

Sammy Kent, a Thornton man, who was walking through the Century Casino parking lot in Central City discovered the baby in the back of the car, 7News reports. Kent was buckling himself up in his own car, getting ready to leave when he glanced over at the car next to him and saw the baby strapped into the car with the radio on, windows up, and doors locked.

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