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'Swag Syndrome' May Be The Next Incurable Epidemic (VIDEO)

First Posted: 10/17/11 12:11 PM ET Updated: 12/17/11 05:12 AM ET

Any time some teenager shouts "SWAG!" "SWOOP!" or "WHOOP," please don't be annoyed or alarmed. For they may have an involuntary condition that has only recently been diagnosed: Swag Syndrome.

Although such verbal emissions may sound like a kid is bragging or expressing themselves in the most annoying way possible, it's important to have sympathy so that a cure may be found. One doctor may be close to finding a cure for the involuntary shouting once thought to be in reaction to "objects of exceptional baller-ness"; however, it seems that the affliction goes much deeper. Turns out it's just the weirdest form out Tourette Syndrome ever.

Please, if you meet a victim of Swag Syndrome, have a heart. They may only be a support group away from help.


Filed by Ross Luippold  |