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10/17/2011 09:31 am ET | Updated Dec 17, 2011

Monday, October 17

Noel Gallagher releases his solo album today, and he's left no question in the title -- Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds -- as to who's running the show. From what we've seen of the high-concept video for the track "AKA What A Life,", the music itself shouldn't disappoint Oasis fans of old. But questions still abound: How will Noel distinguish himself? Will Liam counter with Liam Gallagher's Low Hanging Fruit? Was Russell Brand an excellent best man, or just an OK one? Find out the answer to that last in our slightly tense video interview with Noel.

Here's the only available High Flying Birds vid for US viewers, "If I Had A Gun":

Tuesday, October 18

The film version of "West Side Story," which still holds the highest number of Academy Award wins for a musical (10, including Best Picture), turns 50 Tuesday. In honor of the event, Turner Classic is re-releasing the film to select movie theaters Nov. 9. If you can't wait that long to menacingly snap your fingers in time, pre-order the 50th anniversary Blu-Ray and hold tight.

The prologue from the 1961 movie, "West Side Story":

MacArthur genius Colson Whitehead's latest book, "Zone One," a post-zombie-apocalypse thought experiment set in Whitehead's actual home of New York City, releases Tuesday. Whitehead told NPR his reason for wiping out the bulk of NYC's population was purely for convenience: "I wanted to cut back on the Whole Foods lines and make it easier to get a cab for my main characters. If you get rid of 90 percent of the population, life gets a bit easier in the city."

Friday, October 21

The cult movie that pleased even the New Yorker's resident hater-of-cult-movies comes out Friday, "Martha Marcy May Marlene." There's been plenty of buzz mostly around the movie's famous-by-association lead, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Olsen, younger and taller sister to those famous other Olsens. Girl's come far from cameo-ing in her big sisters' movies about being adorable in New York.

Watch the official trailer:

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