10/18/2011 11:53 am ET | Updated Dec 18, 2011

Nancy Grace's 'Dancing With The Stars' Cheerleader Moment (VIDEO, PHOTO)

"Dancing with the Stars" asked contestants to perform routines inspired by the 1980's Monday night, which led to a surprising moment from fierce 'Dancing' competitor, Nancy Grace. Grace performed a mostly well-received rumba with quite the 1980's edge, but showed her true hip-moving talent during rehearsal.

Grace's dance partner Tristan MacManus asked the broadcaster to share some of her favorite memories from the decade. Grace revealed that she has not only performed in front of crowds before, she has been the one responsible for riling them up!

"What was I doing in the '80s? I was a cheerleader in Georgia for football and basketball," Grace said. She then launched into an impressive rendition of one of her squad's cheers.

"I'm all excited, I cant sit down, I'm all excited, gotta move around! My back is aching, my belt too tight, my hip is shaking from the left to right. Say hm, get down!" Grace cheered loudly and proudly.

Nancy's cheerleading performance was seemingly the most uplifting part of rehearsal, as MacManus and Grace sparred slightly while practicing the rumba. Following Grace's infamous wardrobe malfunction, her performances have kept her in the competition but far from the top of the leader board. Last week, she performed a rocky Paso Doble which received scores so low that she was second from the bottom.