A Living Room Enlivened By Color And Moroccan Flair (VIDEO)

10/19/2011 02:10 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Homeowner: Annee Elliot.

The Dilemma: There's a difference between spare and minimalism and Annee's living room was more spare than minimal. The neutral walls were bare, making the overall atmosphere in the room feel rather cold and not lived-in instead of warm and welcoming. One of the biggest problems in the space also was storage and furniture arrangement. Annee has a beautiful coffee table for her television and electronics, and there were wires in an unsightly tangle that was in clear sight for everyone to see. All in all, the space was more akin to a newly occupied dorm room with haphazardly placed stacks of books as opposed to an inviting living room that's meant for relaxing and entertaining.

The Fix: Designer Ondine Karady counters the bare look with a colorful focal wall, gorgeous textures and cozy furnishings.

The most obvious—and boldest—change that Ondine brought into the living room is covering one big white wall with bright red wallpaper. The warm color and the subtle patterns on the paper instantly give the room a more intimate vibe. In addition, the red wall presents a vibrant backsplash and helps draw the eye to the comfy linen-colored sectional and seating area. For quick tips on how to put up wallpaper, check out this tutorial.

Next up, Ondine tackled furniture arrangement and organization. She brought in a console to hold all the electronics, hide the wires, and provide extra storage. This freed up the stylish coffee table to finally be properly used in the seating area. For finishing touches, Ondine accessorized the room with colorful pillows along with a striped rug, which anchors the sitting area.

The final product: A vibrant but cozy living room that's orderly and grown-up with more than dash of Moroccan flair.

Click on items in the image below and scroll through the product rail to find some of the pieces used in the makeover.


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