10/19/2011 08:04 am ET | Updated Dec 19, 2011

Anderson Cooper's Cell Phone Poop Problem (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper came face to face with his disgusting life when he found out something rather unappealing about his cell phone.

Cooper's Wednesday daytime show focuses on germs, and the show uploaded a preview clip of Cooper's CNN colleague Sanjay Gupta giving him the results of a bacterial test that he'd conducted of some of Cooper's household items. Of course, it's long been true that basically everything around us is covered in acres of nauseating bacteria that we never notice. But Cooper -- and the audience -- still visibly blanched when Gupta told him what was on his phone.

"They found fecal strep again," he said (raising the gross possibility that the whole of Wednesday's show is really about all the fecal bacteria that Sanjay Gupta found lying around Anderson Cooper's house.)

"My beloved cell phone?!" Cooper sputtered. "You know all the times that I've asked to borrow that? No more," Gupta said.

"Now look," Cooper said. "I maybe poop on my cell phone once in a while..." Cue audience laughter: this guy loves the poop jokes!

But seriously, folks, fecal strep is real! And it's used as an indicator of "possible sewage contamination," according to the EPA.