'My Sucky Teen Romance' Trailer Released: 18-Year-Old Emily Hagins Sells Vampire Comedy

10/19/2011 01:33 pm ET | Updated Dec 19, 2011

With the all-encompassing, alluring and blindingly bright "Twilight," it's sometimes hard to imagine other that there are other vampires in the coffin.

And that's when the purity of youth comes in handy.

According to Showblitz, Emily Hagins, the absurdly young, 18-year-old writer and director has secured her first distribution deal for the blood-sucking comedy, "My Sucky Teen Romance."

The film follows a group of teens (some of whom are vampires) as they begin to explore love while at a sci-fi convention. The young cast includes Devin Bonnee (NBC’s "Chase"), Tina Rodriguez ("Inglorious Basterds") and Lauren Lee ("The Retelling").

The film, which has a planned spring 2012 release, is the third feature from Hagins, who shot her first at (wince) age 12. (Really puts those arts & crafts efforts into perspective.)

Check out the newly released trailer below. "My Sucky Teen Romance" might just be campy, anti-"Twilight" tale we've been waiting for.