10/31/2011 05:29 am ET Updated Dec 19, 2011

New Political Exhibition Examines Desires To Create And Destroy (PHOTOS)

We've seen Robin Williams tackle quite a few roles throughout the years: cross-dressing nanny, fast-talking genie, that guy who invented flubber and now... curator.

Williams and his son Zak recently collaborated on "Taking Sides," an exhibition that's a far cry from the actor's comedic past. In the show, artists from around the world come together to challenge the conventions of conflict and opposition. The exhibition will examine how warfare is packaged and warped as it is filtered through pop media, and explore some of the ways in which art and violence relate. The exhibition presents the ritual of taking sides as a historical process in which, according to the gallery's statement, "divergent perspectives evolve into hard line positions that become impasses."

Curators Robin Williams and Zak Williams, his son, included artists from Iraq, Iran, Israel, China, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Great Britain and more.

Artists include Jannane Al-Ani, Marcel Dzama, AJ Fosik, Ori Gersht, Adam Helms, Jenny Holzer, Scott King, Feng Mengbo, Eko Nugroho, Robert Lazzarini, Trevor Paglen, Hesam Rahmanian, Michael Rakowitz, Raqs Media Collective, Seher Shah, John Wesley and Aaron Young, among others. They will each, in their own way, focus is on our understanding of war.

'Taking Sides' will show at Paddle 8 until October 25.

Taking Sides