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Halloween 2011: Topical, Timely DIY Costumes

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Halloween's coming. It's hard to resist a topical, clever costume that's easy to assemble. Luckily, you don't have to look any farther than your own backyard for inspiration. NYC is incredibly rich in source material: Weinergate. Marriage Equality Act. The Rent’s Too Damn High party. The list goes on.

NYC Hurricane Survivor
You'll need: I Love NY T-shirt, rain coat, flashlight, radio, candles, and small grocery basket filled non-perishable items. Or, channel a Chelsea gallery window by wearing all black and a big "X" made out of painter's tape.

Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark
You'll need: Spider Man leotard, crutches, leg cast. Offer everyone you see playbills and free tickets.

The One Percent
You'll need: A captain's hat, aviators, white pants, and loafers (sans socks). Tell everyone who will listen that you are going to out-occupy Occupy Wall Street.

Farm-to-Table Restaurant
You'll need: A full beard, plaid shirt and chalkboard with the day's specials written out. Or, carry a wooden crate filled exclusively with locally sourced produce. Be sure to mention the provenance of everything in your possession.

Brooklyn Bodega Costume
You'll need: One large brimmed hat (like a sombrero), around which you can staple small bags of chips, individual packets of Advil, beef jerky, gum and lottery cards. Wear a sandwich board decoupaged with magazine covers (like XXL, Essence, Hustler, and Reader’s Digest). Walk up to complete strangers to tell them your ATM machine is broken.

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