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Joe Scarborough: Herman Cain 'Making This Up As He Goes Along' (VIDEO)

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Joe Scarborough and David Gregory took turns going after Herman Cain on Friday's "Morning Joe."

Gregory was on for one of his regular appearances, and he started speaking about what he called Cain's "inconsistent" positions and lack of foreign policy knowledge. Scarborough (who has made his antipathy for Cain clear before) interrupted him.

"It is hard for people in the mainstream media who are trying to be fair to state what seems so obvious to so many Americans: that Herman Cain is making this up as he goes along," he said. "He's going on a glorified book tour...he does not appear by any objective standard to be running a presidential campaign."

Gregory said that, though Cain had caught "lightning in a bottle," he was dangerously lacking in knowledge. "This is 2011," he said. "The country's been at war for a decade. This is not a pop quiz to George W. Bush in 2000...if you don't have fluency on issues like Pakistan...that's a serious problem." Gregory also chided Michele Bachmann for saying the country was "disrespected around the world because of what President Obama has done."

Later, Scarborough addressed criticisms that he was too hard on Republicans. He said if a Democrat displayed the lack of knowledge that Cain did, he would "debone him," but that the majority of Republicans had no serious analysis of the world.


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